Instructions and Features


  1. Registering and creating an account
  2. Prices and tokens
  3. Spending tokens
    1. Tips
    2. Private Messages
    3. Virtual Gifts
    4. Private Group Shows
    5. Private One 2 One


Register and create an account

In order to buy tokens to buy IM chat messages, Private messages, Virtual Gifts and to tip the girls, to go Private One 2 One or buy tickets for Private Group shows, you will need to register and set up an account. This is completely FREE

All you need to do is choose your username and password, and enter your e-mail address where you will receive your verification link. Your username will become your nickname in future chat sessions. Your membership is free for life and you can come back any time you like and use it for free.

Once you login to your free account, you will be able to buy tokens and then chat with or tip the girls and send Virtual Gifts, have a Private One 2 One or buy tickets for Private Group shows.


Prices and tokens

Tokens are used for chat messages, Private messages, Virtual Gifts and tips, Private One 2 One or Private Group shows. You can purchase tokens in various pre-determined quantities. Then you can use these tokens to buy Chat message bundles or you chat straight away, send Private messages, send Virtual Gifts and tip straight away, have a Private One 2 One or buy tickets for Private Group shows.

Click on Purchase Tokens to see the available bundles.

Your credit card will be billed discreetly. To see the exact wording of what will appear on your credit card statement, please see our Billing Help page.


Spending Tokens

Once you have tokens in your account, you can spend them chatting or tipping on the girls! You can buy Chat message bundles as well.


Sending a Tip is just a way for users to quickly transfer any amount of tokens to a girl.

Tips are 100% optional, they are not required in any way. Some members like to give tips to a girl while she is chatting for simple personal requests or just to be nice.

Please remember that tips do not change the rules for what girls are allowed to do on the site, particularly in Public Chat. Tips are gifts and not bribes so please do not send tips and then demand something in return, that's not fair to the girls

Just as in real life, tips cannot be reviewed or refunded.

Private Messages

You can send PRIVATE messages to any of the Babes. These messages ARE private and only you and the babes can see them. Your direct and personal contact with the babe of your choice.

In your accounts page under ‘Private Messages’ you can see all the private messages you have sent and also any that are waiting for you.

A Private message costs 15 tokens

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts are what they say, it’s a way of sentiment without the actual physical item. What girl doesn’t like to receive a gift, even if it’s a Virtual Gift?!! There are a range of Virtual Gifts to choose from, choose one or as many as you like, write a note and send.

The Token value will be deducted from your Token account. It’s so much more personal than Tipping!! The Token value will be passed onto the Babe. As with Tipping, Virtual Gifts cannot be reviewed or refunded.

Private Group Shows

These are shows put on by babes that can only be accessed by buying tickets. If you don’t have a ticket you not gonna be able to see the show!The information about each show, date and time, ticket costs etc can be found on the Private group Shows page. Most shows will have an Advanced booking discount rate, so keep an eye out for this if you want to get cheaper tickets. To view the show all you have to do is click on the babes photo on the Live TV page. The system will know you have bought a ticket, so you don’t need to do anything else but enjoy the show! Don’t be shy, if you like the show or you want the babe to do something specific, why not give them a tip?!

In Private Group shows the babe cannot see or hear you. You will obviously be able to see and hear the babe. You can still chat to her using chat messages.

Private One 2 One

As it says, a Private One 2 One is just between YOU and the BABE and no one else! Here you can see and hear the Babe and if you like, you can let the Babe see you! To start a Private One 2 One with your chosen Babe click on the 'One 2 One' tab. If you want the Babe to see you, click on ‘allow’ when it appears on screen. If, for any reason you don’t want the Babe to see you, click 'deny'. You can then use the chat IM area to communicate. When in a Private One2One, these chat messages can only be seen by you and the Babe. When you request to have a Private One 2 One with a Babe, they can either accept or decline this invitation. The cost is based on Tokens per minute and the cost is clearly indicated prior to the Private One 2 One starting. Before or during or after the Private One 2 One the Babe wouldn’t mind accepting Tips. Is this the best way to spend your tokens? Probably!!

To end your Private One 2 One, click on ‘End Chat’ in the small screen. Either you or the Babe can end a Private One 2 One.

Note – If you move away from the page when you are in a Private One 2 One i.e. you go to the Schedule page, your Private One 2 One session will stop and you will have to request another.

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