Rules and Guidelines


  1. Rules for members
  2. Rules the Girls
  3. General rude behavior
  4. Exchanging contact information with models
  5. Sending gifts to models


Rules for members

Our simple goal here is to have as few rules as possible.

There are NO moderators, sheriffs, or over-eager administrators inspecting everything you do. We want members and girls to have fun and be themselves and not worry about arbitrary rules.

We only require that our members do not do anything illegal or overly disruptive to our online community. Below is a brief list of what is forbidden on this website. Breaking any of these rules may lead to account closure, a forfeiture of all tokens, or even a lifetime ban from this website.

Members may not:

  • Do anything illegal.
  • Record or distribute the video or other contents found on this website.
  • Post pornographic links or images. This is not a porn site.
  • Use abusive, inflammatory, or racist language.
  • Disrupt this website in any way (e.g. flooding, spamming).
  • Harass the girls.
  • Post private or personal information of other members or models.
  • Impersonate other members or models.
  • Make any kind of threats against other members or models.
  • Blackmail models or members.
  • Claim to be a moderator, administrator, or employee of this website. (Zero-Tolerance violation!)
  • Encourage models to break the rules. (Zero-Tolerance violation!)


Rules for the girls

Our rules for the girls are largely determined by laws and potential legal issues. Members should be aware of these rules so that they do not encourage models to violate them, which would lead to the member being banned.

The following things, actual or implied, are absolutely forbidden on camera at any time and for any reason, in both private and public chat. Most of them constitute Zero-Tolerance violations, meaning the model will be banned the first time it happens.

  • Men on camera for any reason.
  • Sexual relations with men.
  • Minors, children, babies; may not be on camera or in the same room.
  • Unauthorized persons (persons for whom we do not have proper name and ID on file.)
  • Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.
  • Urination or defecation, "going to the bathroom".
  • Breastfeeding or lactation.
  • Menstrual bleeding.
  • Illegal drugs, or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations. (e.g. Medicinal marijuana)
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or other legal or prescribed medicines or narcotics.
  • Sleeping or "passing out".
  • Incest (sexual relations involving family members).
  • Penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation (e.g. bottles, baseball bats).
  • Illegal or unsafe activity of any kind.
  • Violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any actions associated with bringing harm to yourself in any way.
  • Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.

In Public Chat, sexually-explicit conduct is NOT allowed. It is impossible to define this term with perfect accuracy, but here are some examples of conduct that would not be allowed: using sex toys, genital penetration of any kind, masturbation, using the camera to "zoom" into genitalia, and other things of this sort.


General rude behavior

At this website, we allow for a great deal of freedom and expression. This is a place where models and members can be themselves.

Above all, it is important to remember that behind the keyboards are genuine people, with genuine emotions, moods, fears, etc. People have bad days, a few too many drinks, miscommunications (especially online), and some people are just nicer than others.

We will only intervene in extraordinary circumstances dealing with illegal or highly disruptive behavior, or something that blatantly violates the rules of this website. If you would like to report such behavior, please Contact Support.


Exchanging contact information with models

Members and models are free to exchange e-mail addresses or other contact information.


Sending gifts to models

Members are free to exchange address information and to send the models whatever they like.

But of course we cannot offer any support for transactions that take place outside of our site.


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